Victoria Werenkraut


I am interested in topics related to the ecology of terrestrial arthropods in general and of ants in particular. I study the drivers/correlates of diversity and geographic distribution of both ant species and other arthropods. I study ecosystem services provided by ants in arid systems of Patagonia, particularly their effects on soil enrichment and their role as potential pest controllers. I also study the effect of extreme events such as volcanic eruptions on diversity changes, and the effects of human-mediated long and medium distance dispersal of exotic species in the current distribution of these species, together with their possible impacts on local communities.



I teach statistics for the Nursing career at the Centro Regional Universitario Bariloche, Universidad Nacional del Comahue.



We are a team of researchers that employ ants mainly to answer questions of conceptual interest about topics in ecology and behavior.

Contact us

Pasaje Gutierrez 1125, Bariloche, Argentina

(0294) 426368 interno 154