LIHO in the Meeting of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI)

Many of those who make LIHO participated in the IUSSI 2018 meeting in Guarujá Brazil. Some of us talk at the symposium on “Ecosystem services provided by social insects” organized by Natalia Lescano, Gabriela Pirk, Victoria Werenkraut and Luciana Elizalde. The symposium talks were:

Paul Eggleton “The global patchiness of ecosystem services provided by termites”

Alejandro Farji-Brener “The role of ant nests on restoration in degraded ecosystems: effects on soil nutrients and vegetation patterns”

Xavier Arnan “Climate change and anthropogenic disturbance effects on ant-mediated ecosystem services in Brazilian Caatinga”

Gabriela Pirk “Non-conspicuous but widespread nests of three ant species favour plant growth in NW Patagonia”

Adam Devenish “Mutualistic interactions facilitate trophic cascades: invaders beget invasion”

Marina Arbetman “The impact of invasive bees on agriculture”

In addition, Micaela Buteler talk on “Effect of aversive odours on the foraging behavior of Vespula germanica” in another symposium, while Marina Alma presented a poster on “Between inefficiency and interference: individual and collective effectiveness of problem-resolutions in leaf-cutting ants” and Natalia Lescano another poster about “The effect of refuse dumps of leaf-cutting ants on the physiology and fitness of primary consumers: a stoichiometric approach”

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