Gabriela Pirk

My research interests are focused on Community Ecology, in particular, on animal-plant interactions and the effects, either direct or indirect, animals and plants have on each other (reciprocal effects). My doctoral studies were on the reciprocal effects of harvester ants and seeds in the Monte desert. My postdoctoral studies focused on the indirect effects leaf-cutting ants have on plants’ tolerance to herbivory in NW Patagonia.

I am currently leading a project which aims at studying the functional role of ants in arid ecosystems of Patagonia, especially, those functions related to ecosystem services.
Other of my main interests in teaching. Since 2001 I have been involved in graduate and undergraduate University courses (Ecology area), first at Universidad de Buenos Aires and later at Universidad Nacional del Comahue.


We are a team of researchers that employ ants mainly to answer questions of conceptual interest about topics in ecology and behavior.

Contact us

Pasaje Gutierrez 1125, Bariloche, Argentina

(0294) 426368 interno 154